Monday, February 28, 2011

Duck Duck Goose = 13 miles in 3 hours

As I mentioned on my facebook last week, I somehow injured my thigh just two days before the Surfside Half Marathon, for which I was registered and STOKED to run!  How did I injure it, you ask?  Well, I actually hurt it twice - both times, playing with a five-year-old.  I'm still not sure what happened, exactly, but all I know is the searing pain that struck my leg on Friday afternoon as I jumped up to be the "goose."  Talk about making you feel old!

I traveled down to my friend Ben's house in Houston Friday night and couldn't even lift my leg at that point.  I had to pick it up with my hands in order to get out of the car! Crazy.  I took some Nighttime Recovery and fell asleep as soon as I got there.

Saturday morning started so early!  I woke about 5:30 and was disappointed to learn that my leg was still hurt.  It wasn't as bad as Friday, but I wasn't sure I would be able to run.  I decided to get dressed and go anyway.  Thankfully, Ben was driving down so I could rest my leg for a bit longer.

We got there and met up with our friends, Aaron and Ashley.  Ash was running the half, as well.  (She is a marathoner and is pretty much awesome.  I can only hope to be as skilled a runner as she is!)  Aaron and Ben got to hang out while we ran and take care of A&A's baby, Lexi.  She is a doll! :)

I was surprised that my leg held up pretty well during the run.  For the first eight miles, I ran (slowly) for the most part because stopping to walk hurt more than running.  After eight miles, though, it kinda hurt no matter what I did!  At that point, I decided just finishing was good enough for me, so there was a lot of walking going on!

About half a mile from the finish, I spotted Ben walking over by the water.  I caught up to him and he ran with me until the end.  It was so nice to have that sort of support at the end.  After 12.5 miles, my body was definitely over it!  He ran ahead at the end to take a few pics.  My total time was 2:57:31 which is terribly slow.  I am trying not to complain, though, because I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish at all!

(Side note - I think I am going to require that Ben accompany me on all future races.  He also met me at the 4 mile water stop and handed me a Spark! :) That was awesome!)

I will definitely plan on doing Surfside again.  Running on the beach was so great!  The miles seem a bit longer, but the atmosphere is worth it.  Beautiful beach and lovely breeze... ahhh... it was great!  I think I'd like to try to full next year, though.  We'll see. :)

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  1. Congrats on finishing the whole thing! That takes some gumption, girl!