Thursday, February 3, 2011

My current problem. Okay, one of them.

Although I bought the storage bins with the pink lids thinking they were the cutest ones available, I hate seeing them every time I walk in my room.

I thought that this lovely Waverly fabric would come to the rescue! I bought it years ago to make a curtain and then decided it was too busy to cover that much space.

I have toyed with a few different ideas and I think making an extra-long bedskirt (since my bed is extra high off the floor) is the best choice... I think. Before I start all this sewing, though, I'd like some opinions. Does this look like too much?

Whaddya think? Need to see more of the room? Is this just TOO much? Any other ideas? I'd love some advice!


  1. I like it!! Esp since your whole bed frame, sheets, comforter are all white it gives it some good color!

    ps im your first follower!

  2. yay thanks! :) I will follow you back!! lol

  3. Sarah-

    Look at you starting a new blog! Go, Sarah! I think the fabric would be good as a bedskirt but - if you didn't like the pink lids, will you like the pink flowers? Just a thought.

  4. Ahh... Let me clarify. I love pink anything! I just don't like seeing plastic tubs when I walk in the room. :)

    Yes, I needed a fresh start as far as blogging goes. hehe let's see if I do something with this one?

  5. I don't know if you've already done this project, but I love it! Go for it!