Monday, April 11, 2011

But... but... but... I want it!

Our world is filled with people that have a sense of entitlement.  People who can’t afford luxuries complain if they don’t get them and expect others to pay for them.  A lot of times kids, even kids that are being raised in low-income homes, expect a hand-out and get mad when there isn’t one.  I often get so infuriated that these people feel like they deserve things just because they want them.  But my anger quickly turns to sadness because I realize that these people are missing out on the “little things."

I had a great childhood, but our family was not one that had extra money.  Things got better as I got older, but for most of my life, I remember being *that kid* that went down every aisle of the grocery store (my favorite thing to do, btw) and ask for every single thing.  I don’t know why I never seemed to grasp the meaning of “we don’t have money for that” or “no, not this time.”  Despite hearing these things every time I asked, I continued to do it.  One day, I must have been 6 or 7, I went with Papa to K-Mart to get some car part or something else Papa needed.  They had a concession stand type thing at the front of the store and a big Icee machine.  Every time we went to K-Mart, I asked for one of those.  Every time.  You already know the answer I got!  Well, this time, I asked again and was shocked beyond belief when Papa said he’d buy me one.  We waited in line and got an Icee, and I thought I was in heaven.  Not one to stop while I’m ahead, I saw the photo booth by the exit door so as we started to pass it, I asked if we could get our pictures taken in the booth.  Papa said okay to that, too!  I was so happy, as you can see in the picture below.  

It was such a small thing – a trip to K-Mart with an Icee and some pictures – but it is something that has been etched in my mind ever since.  It’s the “little things” that really matter.

*I have the other three somewhere and couldn't find them! :(

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  1. First of all - can I just say that you were an adorable little girl? Next, your Dad looks like you just headbutted him! Finally, I agree that kids need to hear "no" a lot when they are growing up. It not only helps them learn boundaries abut also about how to really value things that are important.