Monday, September 17, 2012

there's no such thing as a perfectly good airplane

My most recent obsession is skydiving. It's something I have wanted to do as long as I can remember, so after I did my first tandem jump back in July, I was hooked!

There's nothing to compare to the feeling of falling through the sky. It's like the whole world stops for a few minutes while you're doing something completely irrational, yet exhilarating. Skydiving has a special way of clearing your mind, too. When I'm in freefall, the only thing I'm thinking about is exactly what I'm doing at that moment. It's like hitting a reset button on my brain. When I hit the ground, it feels as though I'm just waking up. Everything is new again. Worries of the day don't return until I am miles away from the dropzone.

It's really an exciting way to refocus. Another thing that "restarts" me is running. I'm an "unplugged" runner most of the time, so no iPod, no gps, no running buddies to talk with along the way. That's my time with God. And as a side note, there are only two kinds of people I like to talk to while I'm running. Diety, obviously, since I don't have to verbalize to speak to God. Also, Deaf people... and for the same reason. :) I'm using all my breath to breathe, so I don't have time to worry about talking outloud, as well!

Anyway, I am obviously a thrill-seeker, but skydiving caught me by surprise. I never dreamed that it could be such a refreshing, rejuvenating thing that I would come back to do again and again. I definitely recommend trying it to anyone who would dare. It is amazing in so many ways!

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