Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Big Deal, but I'm a Hippie

Yes, you read that right.  I am not-so-slowly becoming a hippie.  The more common word these days is "crunchy" but without the political and some of the social aspects, it's the same thing.

In my previous life, I would have silently judged someone for saying that they got most of their care from a chiropractor.  I would have rolled my eyes if someone wouldn't pop a pill for a headache.  I had sarcastic comments on the ready for people who wanted to eat all organic food.

Well, I have gone to the dark side.

Although I was judgmental about crunchy ways most of my life, it was always with the exception of my beliefs and perception of pregnancy/labor/childbirth.  I have always been one to want to let nature do its thing in that regard, but now that I am looking forward to having a family, growing kids right here in my body, and raising them to be healthy (physically, mentally, spiritually), I have decided that maybe doing things naturally can extend to more areas of my life.

I'm kind of a "dive in head first" person.  So, a few months ago I decided that I wanted to prepare my body for pregnancy.  With all the health concerns for children that are prevalent today that weren't even a thing to consider 30 years ago, I just began to wonder if there's something I can do now to starts our kids out in a healthy way.

--Can I just stop right here and say that I am not trying to be judgey about others that didn't come to these same ideas?  We all do the best we can with the information we have when we have it.  And even then, we might come to completely different conclusions.--

So, back to preparing my body for pregnancy.  I am not even sure how or when I took the plunge, but I decided that I wanted to start detoxing my body of chemicals.  Since I know adjusting your diet in that way is quite a process and not exactly cheap (or that's what I thought!), I decided to start with my hair.  Probably a weird choice, but that's what I did.  Yes, me - the girl who had to shampoo every single day because she had such greasy hair.  Yes, me - the girl who has hair down to her knees.  Yes, me - the girl who took *such* good care of her hair to ensure that it was "healthy."  Yes, me.

Funny enough, my Papaw used to tell me every time I was at his house that shampoo is bad for my scalp and washing my hair every day is why my hair was so oily.  He grew up in the back-woods po-dunk mountains of Kentucky, so honestly I just ignored him because I thought he couldn't possibly know what he was talking about.  We live in civilization now, Papaw.  Huh.  Come to find out, he might have had a clue!  I haven't used conventional shampoo or conditioner on my hair in two months.  If I use baking soda to give it a good cleaning, I can go almost a week before I feel like I need to rinse it again.  This Friday will be my longest stretch of 3 weeks of water-only cleaning.  So. cool!

We've also started eating *mostly* organic and local.  I need to tell ya - if you don't already do this... DO IT!  Jake and I were both really surprised at the difference in taste just from things as simple as hamburger and eggs.  If you like breakfast now, try it with fresh from the farm eggs, bacon, milk, sausage, etc.  It is just too amazing!

It's going to be an adventure and hopefully I can keep this blog updated on the process!